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According to Republic of Indonesia Regulation No.18 year 2003, which is regulate about advocate. At point B consider to:

The power of justice free from any interference and influence of other party needs a free professionalism and responsible advocate to organize a fair trial and law certainty to all who looking for justice in law enforcement, justice and human right. To asserted regarding the advocate status as a law inforcement free and autonomous which guarantee by law and regulation, also relating to work territories in included whole part of Indonesia. (article 5, sub section 1 & 2, Republic of Indonesia regulation No.8 year 2003).


Based on ideas and conditions as mentions above, we would like to introduce our self as law firm Ampuan Situmeang & Partners to all element of the Republic Indonesia to recognized, to know about and founded by synergy among us who are agreed to hire our Law Firm.


We Would say thank you and hopefully we could give a beneficial to whom using our services.

The More Growing Your Business The More You Need Legal Services

The position of law in business activities has become more and more determinant. We could no longer regard law as a complementary factor in company, but more than, law has been an inevitable factor in all fields of business. In other words, law has been the main aspect in modern corporate management which is certainly required in running any kind of company, especially in facing the challenging global competition in this era of free trade and market.


In this context, we fully realize our role to always emphasize our professional services for the sake of company in all legal aspects.


We also perfectly believe that law of which we serve, does’t only form instrument which frames business activities, but it could provide legal protection and safety for any business entities. And in this way any unpredictable risk could de certainly avoided.